Jim Fulton wrote:

I'd also like to acknowledge Tres' point about high-level non-Python
definition mechanisms for things like forms and schemas.  I agree
with him that such facilities could be a good thing.  I may disagree
with him on whether these should be ZCML. I definately don't think
that they should be.

it depends a lot on the availability of softwares and of standards used to create such definitions.

Julien has done some work on using XML schemas in zope3 as you know:

XForms could be a good choice for defining forms too.

I'm using JSON for MVC definitions, because they can be used in Javacript without much fuss.
YAML seems to be easy to read  too, etc.
SVG can be investigated too for defining layouts, graphical objects etc.

this is really an area where one should look to see what already exists.

sorry if I'm off-topic.

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