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Jim Fulton wrote:

Finally, I'll note that I've used the term "high-level configuration" to
refer to the things we have sysadmins edit when they install Zope
systems.  We currently use ZConfig for this.  I don't think ZCML
(or any other XML-based system) should be used for this.

Ok. The high-level configuration I'm thinking about is somewhere in between. I don't know what to call it, so I won't call it anything.

Here's what has happened to me several times: I'm a Python developer, writing simple code for Zope 3, and I follow Stephan's examples on how to develop content types for Zope 3. I write simple schema-based classes and simple directives. I've been conditioned to not repeat myself in code; in fact, breaking that rule gives me a sick feeling. So I proceed to follow Stephan's examples, which involves writing similar ZCML directives for multiple classes. The repetitious classes don't bother me because I know how to refactor them. But the ZCML I've written gives me a sick feeling, because I don't know how to refactor ZCML. The sick feeling doesn't go away, so I get scared of Zope 3. Then I come here, hoping to find comfort.

Could you give a more specific example?


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