Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hi all,

my work on
has been nearly completed on the philikon-reduce-zcml branch and is
ready for review.

What I didn't cover:

* rdb:provideConnection wasn't removed. On a second thought, this
directive also contains deployment information relevant to the system
administrator (the DSN) that should not reside in Python code.

I can see this would be hard to remove. Note that I don't think RDB deployment information should be in ZCML either, though.

* dav:provideInterface wasn't removed. Michael Kerrin's work on DAV is
also calling for its removal so this is left for him to remove.

* class/implements and class/factory weren't removed -- yet. I guess
removing these might be a bit controversial. I'd therefore like to take
this opportunity to bring this topic up again and to give everyone a
chance to look at the proposal once again, before I start spending lots
of time on the implementation.

I'm okay with this moving to top-level, though a depreciation period might be in order, as this, I think, is in common use.

If no one objects to the branch as it is, I will merge it on the weekend.

Before this merge goes through, I would propose the following steps:

Take the document and edit it so it's a clear guide for what you should do with broken directives. I.e. for browser:localUtility we want to exactly specify what needs to be done to register this with the
normal content directive.

After that, this document needs to be checked in under the
doc directory.

Finally, there needs to be a clear pointer in at least the changelog as
well as the release notes to this document.


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