On 3/17/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As far as I understood, vocabularies are on the way out in Zope 3.3:
> in zope.schema.interfaces:
> # BBB vocabularies are pending deprecation, hopefully in 3.3

That's correct.  Gary and I invented vocabularies to solve some
problems.  Jim followed up with "sources", which have fewer warts.  In
Zope 3.2, Benji and I added iterable and named sources, so I think
sources now have the same basic range of functionality as
vocabularies.  It should now be possible to use a source wherever a
vocabulary was used in the past.

> I may have this wrong, but that's what I read in the code. We've used
> vocabularies before, but apparently they're deprecated.

Please try to revise your applications to use sources.  If there's
anything missing for sources, it may make sense to delay the
deprecation of vocabularies.  It would also indicate that what needs
to be added to allow sources to replace vocabularies.


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