> So right now we scribble the development dependencies as well as path
> (lib, script, etc) information into setup.cfg.  The develop.py script
> reads the dependency information and attempts to install them into the
> specified lib directories.  So it seems to make sense to put things
> like egg parameters, etc (settings independent of user workspace
> location) into setup.cfg.in, and then have develop.py populate a
> setup.cfg at runtime.  I think we really do want a setup.cfg that
> isn't under version control -- storing the path information there
> makes the easy_install commands somewhat less verbose as you don't
> have to specify the script and lib locations each time you run.

I just committed changes to develop.py that make it examine
setup.cfg.in if setup.cfg doesn't exist.  So setup.cfg.in can contain
any project-specific egg settings and the development time
dependencies, and develop.py will use that as a template for
setup.cfg.  See the zope.interface project for an example of using
setup.cfg.in.  README.txt in projectsupport has also been updated with
some new details of the develop.py process.

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