Jeff Shell wrote:
On 3/20/06, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

So *don't use ZCML*;  use Python:  there is literally nothing which can
be done in ZCML which cannot be done in Python.  I wish that folks who
don't like / need ZCML would quit trying to dictate how the rest of us
use ZCML.

"Literally nothing"? Try literally everything. I'm sorry. But that was
the experience I had that set me in such a bad temperament. I had no
idea what half of these directives were doing, and when trying to
duplicate them in a test environment I nearly threw the laptop to the
ground and swore of programming forever. I was *INCREDIBLY*
frustrated. There is a lot of potentially valuable functionality
*hidden behind ZCML*. If a ZCML directive were a one line
wrapper/adapter around a common function, I'd feel different.

What if it were trivial to replicate any ZCML directive in a test environment?


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