On Mar 21, 2006, at 8:53 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 08:41, Jim Washington wrote:
Perhaps another proposal could suggest a method for registering and
sequencing post-processing utilities?

I think WSGI middleware components are the answer here.

In general, I agree. I think almost all, or maybe even all, of Jim's examples belong there.

However, It would be
outside the app server, so something inside might be more desirable.

Right. In particular, while most of the transforms that Jim listed need no interaction with the app server except to receive the output, resourcelibrary works more naturally if there is access to the application.

That said, after thinking about it a little, resourcelibrary functionality might work also as a WSGI middleware piece: the middleware would stash an empty set in the WSGI environ, and then components wanting to use resourcelibrary would look for the key in request.environment, and if it exists, add their request to the set. Then when the middleware gets the output, it would analyze the set and add the requested resource link/code and dependencies to the output.

It might have to move away from Zope 3 resources, since the middleware typically wouldn't have access to a database connection... The biggest losses here I can think of would be Zope 3- integrated virtual host awareness, and the possibility of hooking ZODB resources into the resourcelibrary, as TTW development might want.

That said, the WSGI approach might be a win for resourcelibrary. And implementing all of the other bits Jim mentioned, including httpgz, as WSGI bits I think would be a win for us and potentially for other WSGI-compliant frameworks.

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