there is already a collector entry for the bug below, but I think the ChoiceField has the same issue. I too encountered a ForbiddenAttribute while accessing the title attribute of a ChoiceField. Adding the code below to fields.zcml with the corresponding changes did the trick. The error went away.

I added to zope.app.schema.fields.zcml:

  <content class="zope.schema.Choice">

        title="Choice Field"
        description="Choice Field" />

    <require like_class="zope.schema.Field" />

- Andreas

Ok everyone: it is a zope bug.

The following should be included in zope.app.schema.fields.zcml:

  <content class="zope.schema.Date">

        title="Date Field"
        description="Date Field" />

    <require like_class="zope.schema.Orderable" />
    <require like_class="zope.schema.Field" />


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