Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
I still don't understand why people whine about "make install" being
gone. The point of a checkout is that you have a full functional SVN
working copy, not an installation source. If you want to install things,
use a TGZ archive which lets you do "make install" perfectly fine. I've
never installed Zope anywhere except on production servers anyway, and
there you should obviously use releases.

I'm one of those whiners, so I'll give a quick recap:

I like to work with instances, not in the Zope tree, no matter whether I'm dealing with a checkout or with a release.

Another reason to have 'make install' work in svn is to actually *test* whether it works. There were various problems in early releases that probably wouldn't have occured if this had been easier to test -- there was for instance a testrunner that wasn't installed.

Anyway, a release and the development situation looking similar helps people actually work on the same codebase and structure, and not having to learn different ways of doing things as soon as they switch. Forcing context switches on people isn't a good idea.


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