Philipp von Weitershausen schrieb:

Jim's statement says that #1 should rather be done in Python, whereas #2
remains in ZCML. That's exactly the point of my proposal.

Yes, I absolutly understand your point. I'm only not sure if ZCML sould
be a own abstract layer in our development process and has to support
the configuration at a complete concept. (without requireing pyton)

That's indeed the *key* question. I think Jeff Shell has made some very
good points in, his
main message being: ZCML attempts to do too much, but in the end
provides too little when you really want it to be flexible. His example
of JavaScript in menu items is brilliant.

Yup, this means ZCML should do more and better.
I'm just kidding ;-)

I've since thought a lot about these directives and I have a compromise
in mind. I need to find time to write it down... Let's stop discuss this
particular point right here and instead deal with it when the time comes.

Ok, agreed


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