On Saturday 25 March 2006 11:40, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> This list is incomplete, both in quantity and in quality. I'd still like
> to share it with you at this point because I would really like to hear
> your feedback and your ideas. For many of these I don't even have a
> half-baked idea of what to do. Please help me. :)

Good work. Here a general comment. Sometimes we broke up a package into zope.X 
and zope.app.X to have a very basic package for other projects and a more 
Zope specific one. In this case you might want to merge the two, but this 
would create new dependencies. But maybe those would be just soft 
dependencies, since they are only needed in conjunction with ZCML. A good 
example is zope.component and zope.app.component.

I think we should just do some of the very obvious and easy ones and see how 
it goes. A good example here is zope.app.container.

> We don't need to deal with them at the same time. We can do them one by
> one. We also don't need to complete this for Zope 3.3/2.10, but it would
> be nice if we can get in place as much as possible.

Of course. BTW, SchoolTool would also benefit from this.

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