Hi Stephan,

thanks for your input.

> Good work. Here a general comment. Sometimes we broke up a package into 
> zope.X 
> and zope.app.X to have a very basic package for other projects and a more 
> Zope specific one. In this case you might want to merge the two, but this 
> would create new dependencies. But maybe those would be just soft 
> dependencies, since they are only needed in conjunction with ZCML. A good 
> example is zope.component and zope.app.component.

Indeed. Sometimes it makes sense to merge, sometimes it might make sense
to create another package on the zope.* level. For example, zope.event
and zope.app.event are hardly related (except for the fact that they
both deal with events), hence my suggestion to rename zope.app.event to

> I think we should just do some of the very obvious and easy ones and see how 
> it goes. A good example here is zope.app.container.

Except that this has a brazillion dependencies and possibly even
persistent objects stored somewhere
(zope.app.container.btree.BTreeContainer). Some easier ones are:

* zope.app.event -> zope.objectevent
* zope.app.size  -> zope.size
* zope.app.datetimeutils -> zope.datetime


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