Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
It has been suggested several times (also by myself) to make
smaller, namely to move out all the stuff that's not exclusively needed
by the Zope 3 Application Server.

A good list of such packages are the ones used in Zope 2. An ultimate
goal would be that Zope 2 won't have to include in the future.
I've looked through the Five source code and identified a lot of such
packages. I've compiled a list of them with some very basic info,
foremost what I think we could do to avoid Zope 2's dependency on them
(in, that is):

This list is incomplete, both in quantity and in quality. I'd still like
to share it with you at this point because I would really like to hear
your feedback and your ideas. For many of these I don't even have a
half-baked idea of what to do. Please help me. :)

We don't need to deal with them at the same time. We can do them one by
one. We also don't need to complete this for Zope 3.3/2.10, but it would
be nice if we can get in place as much as possible.

Obviously, I'm in favor of this.  I fear though that this will cause me
a lot of pain.  I'm in the middle of a bit of a geddon on the jim-adapter
branch.  The valuable work you propose is probably going to make my merge
a lot harder.  I hope to be ready to merge by branch in a couple of weeks,
but it's been hard finding time to work on this lately, so I can't

I can think of 2 ways to reduce my pain:

- Hold of on this work until I merge by branch.

- Do this work on my branch.

The second approach probably makes more sense.

Either of these have the risk that I'll never merge my
branch, but I'm confident that I'll be able to merge well
before May 1.

It would be great to focus on doing whatever is necessary to
avoid including in Zope 2.  If you could do this,
I think we could stop using zpkg for Zope 2 even if we don't
manage to use eggs in time.


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