Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 28 March 2006 08:09, Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:
The getEncoding() approach isn't meaningful with database adapters that
accept Unicode strings which is becoming the norm. The idea that database
adapters will never be Unicode aware seems to have been embedded into Z3
quite deeply though :-(
I guess the '' code is somewhat in beta state so we still need
to figure out better approaches, interfaces, etc.

It is not beta, it just needs an update.

I meant something similar. :-)

By the way, what do you think about the idea of add DB-API2 compliant
exception hierarchy to ''? Adapters will be responsible to
translate its exceptions to '' exceptions.

Sounds also good. It would be great if you two could work on a proposal.

Ok, I'll try to synchronize all my ideas about '' with Stuart for a proposal.

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