Hi there,

I know there are lots of ideas about eggs in Zope 3 land, so I'd like to pick the brains of the people who have looked into this more than I have for a bit.

First to say what I'm not talking about: I'm not talking about eggifying Zope 3 itself. This is a valuable project but hopefully mostly independent of what I'd like to do.

There are a whole bunch of interesting Zope 3 extensions that I'd like to use in a project, such as some of the various zc.* packages. Imagine they've been turned into eggs. Now my project wants to use them. What's the Zope 3 pattern for this, if any? The project needs to have some way to do the following:

svn co myproject
cd myproject

where 'make' creates a Zope 3 installation, and downloads all the eggs listed as requirements for this project from the net, and installs them so that the Zope 3 instance actually picks them up.

In particular, are there any ideas of how the -configure.zcml and -meta.zcml files would end up being generated and installed in package-includes? Eggs do not provide for this directly, but perhaps there are some ideas about Zope 3 specific eggs that do?


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