Tres Seaver wrote:
* the I'll create will only work with setuptools installed;
is this a problem?

Not from us.  You'd maybe get even more warm fuzzies from people by
making it not require setuptools, but that limitation doesn't bother us.

Okay, good. Warm fuzzies are nice, but I won't worry too much about that.

There is some support for "kickstarting" an eggifying project.  E.g.:

  $ export ZSVN=svn+ssh://
  $ svn cp -m "Eggify" $ZSVN/productsupport/trunk/project-template \

Note that such a svn cp will make it quite painful to dump the repository later on using svadmin dump and then filtering the dump using svndumpfilter to keep only this package. (We've been bitten by that.)

I'd suggest doing instead a svn export of the project-template, then svn import as your new package.


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