the DZUG is preparing a fair booth on the Linux Tag and we had the idea
of a marketing Zope a bit away from the standard. I'll be doing a
presentation showing off Zope 3 techniques as "Dozen Dirty Tricks" (even
though they might not be dirty in the real sense of the word, it's
better for marketing. ;) )

So, I'd like to show off the good stuff you can do with Zope, without
going into systematic details of how to learn it etc. To get the best
tricks, I'd love if you could send me some of your most neat tricks you
know and use all the time.

Some things to get you started, that I consider neat and worth showing:

- Using ZEO to scale your applications quickly
- Using ZEO to debug your applications live
- Using test coverage to find places in your code that are untested

Got more? Tell me!

Btw: We'll provide a screen cast for each trick and a web site for it,
hopefully in German and English.


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