> If it's related to persistence, then perhaps a workaround for David in the
> meantime would be to supply the connector as a global utility not stored
> in
> the ZODB.  I haven't seen the problem occur here and perhaps that's
> because I
> declared my adapter in site.zcml so it never gets ghosted:
>    <rdb:provideConnection
>        name="dbfinance"
>        component="psycopgda.adapter.PsycopgAdapter"
>        dsn="dbi://webaccountant:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/finance"
>        />
In regards to persistence, are we saying this problem occurs when the
connection is an attribute of a persistent object? In our case the
connection resides in a persistent object but is called and used in a
non-persistent one.  Specifically, we're using the connection in a
non-persistent shopping cart object.  Upon initialization the cart object
retrieves the connection from a persistent parent in the context in which
the cart is initialized. In this way, different shopping cart items can be
stored in different databases depending upon the container.  The parent is
essentially a copy of ISQLScript. 


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