Hi Guys,

I've been getting this list for a few weeks now and i thought it was about time i introduced myself.

My name is Carl Lambert and I'm a developer living and working in Derbyshire, UK. I'm 29 years old with a wife and 2 kids and one on the way :).

Ive been coding professionally for about 6 years, starting with VB6, asp, html, js etc. moving onto C# (winforms)a couple of years later, in which ive been coding in up until August last year.

I first heard about python a couple of years ago, however at the time i was working for a predominantly MS house and with real life getting in the way (did i mention i had kids) i didnt really get time to investigate as i would have liked. this all changed last August when i got a new job as the only developer for a small isp with several development interests. this was my first real play with asp.net and i hated it. I cant really put my finger on it but it just felt wrong. (althought this could be the fact that i had inherited all the asp.net projucts from my predicessor. who was obviously in need of a little mentoring.)

Being the only developer in company and how having technical control of all new products, I decided to have a look round at what my options were, and a friend suggested i take a look at zope. So I read "dive into python" & "the zope book" had a play with zope2.4 and created a couple of simple proof of concepts for some little internal systems.

this is turning out to be a lot longer than i anticipated... nearly done now ;)

Earlier this year a new project dropped in my inbox and i decided zope would be the way forward, and with the release of zope3, I thought i would give it a try.

So here i am, a zope novice, with a pretty big project and a mid october deadline.

I've racked up quite a few questions, but ill let you digest that lot first, (sorry it was so long)


Carl Lambert

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