Carl Lambert wrote:

I've been getting this list for a few weeks now and i thought it was about time i introduced myself.

Hi Carl and welcome to Zope3! The mailing list is a bit quiet so feel free to post questions. There often is a lag of a week or so in getting an answer, in my experience, but they usually come.

I've been working with Zope 2.x for 4-5 years and Zope 3 for only 6 mos, and man, is it different! Lots of fun but also frustrating in figuring out how to do something. I've had to spend lots of time in the code, rather than inundating the mailing list with what are probably simple questions. Zope3 is at the early stages of significant documentation, IMHO, but we're doing our best to improve that.

Earlier this year a new project dropped in my inbox and i decided zope would be the way forward, and with the release of zope3, I thought i would give it a try.

So here i am, a zope novice, with a pretty big project and a mid october deadline.

I'd be interested in hearing a brief overall description of the project, to see how it might fit into Zope3.

I've racked up quite a few questions, but ill let you digest that lot first, (sorry it was so long)

No problem, it wasn't that long. Glad you've found us - the community could use the fresh viewpoint.


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