On Thu, 2006-20-04 at 19:26 +0200, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> A browser page is something that's published. It provides
> IBrowserPublisher and returns some data to the pbulisher that's in turn
> returned to the agent.
> A browser view is something more general. @@absolute_url is a browser
> view. It's never pulished (you wouldn't type into a browser
> http://.../some_obj/@@absolute_url). Rather, you use it from other
> components.

Ok, this makes sense.  But, the "browser view" you describe (something
never published but still looked up from code and used) is exactly how I
tend to use template-less <browser:page>'s.

> By requiring browser page classes to implement IBrowserPublisher, all
> this will be more explicit. Of course, you can just use a convenient
> base class and simply implement a __call__ method.

Hmm... sounds like you're making us do work.  I'm all about making
things more explicit and the like ... but if it means doing more work,
perhaps we should think of a way that makes things more explicit without
requiring more work :)

> The benefit is less magic in ZCML and more clarity in Python.

+1 to this notion

Rocky Burt
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