Yes, but speaking as another Zope3 learner, consistency and simplicity (is "orthogonality" a word?) of the model/API is extremely important too. I am in favor of such simplifying changes, as long as they are properly documented and deprecation is properly applied. For example: a deprecation warning telling me what I should do instead is great.

There should be a link in the CHANGES.txt file to the original proposal for each change. If there is no time to update it after discussions take place, then why not cut and paste an excerpt from the relevant email thread into the CHANGES file? Or at a minimum how about a URL link to the start of the dev-list discussion thread.

my 2c,


Kamal Gill wrote:
Stability is especially important for those of us learning Zope 3, as well as those who offer Zope 3 training. I realize Z3 is a fast-moving target, but making existing books and documentation obsolete doesn't help the adoption of such a fantastic collection of software, IMO.

 - Kamal

Yes, I think it's very important to bring a little stability to the
Zope3 framework rather then change every release such fundamental
parts like directives.

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