On 4/23/06, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is using a convenience base class really that much more complexity for
> the user? It's perhaps a little more typing, but it gives you less magic
> in return. Less magic is less complexity in a way.

Depends on what you mean with "convenience class". I don't mind
convenient classes. But if I really need to create one class that does
nothing except server as a placeholder for each of my pagetemplates, I
wouldn't call that convenient. ;)

> So, basically, register pages and all other adapterish things with an
> <adapter /> directive? Fine by me :).

Pretty much yes.

> ... hence the compromise :)

Yup. And it seems the compromise was worse than the problem. ;)
As Calvin sais: "A good compromise leaves everybody mad".

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