On 25.04.2006, at 20:27, Lennart Regebro wrote:

At  https://svn.z3lab.org/z3lab/hello/trunk there is now a page

this url seems to be broken

implementation that is easy to use and doens't do class generation. In
fact, there are two versions, one that sets the __call__ attribute
during instantiation, and one that uses browserDefault() and

There is also an implementation of a template directive, that can be
used for view-less templates, like Philipps implementation. It also
has no class generation, but instead uses one empty view-class as a
placeholder for all view-less templates.

A pages directive for multiple pages is coming, and will possibly
replace the page directive completely, to avoid uneccesary

Comments are welcome.

(If you don't want to check it out and test it, you can browse the code here:
http://svn.z3lab.org/trac/z3lab/browser/hello/trunk/ )
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