I'm about to merge the jim-adapter branch.

This branch has three major refactorings on it:

- A redesign of the adapter registration machinery

  This work:

  o Provides some performance improvments.

    + Request per second improved from
      7-58% for the cases I tested.

    + About an 45% reduction in startup time.

    + About a 50% reduction in time to run the tests.

    I think this sets the stage for additional improvements
    in the future.

  o Set the stage for a "super"-lookup mechanism (like
    Python's super builtin), and for named subscribers.

- A major simplification of local component management

  See zope.component.interfaces.IComponentRegistry.

- A flexible system for combining component registries.

- A beginning of the migration of packages out of zope.app.

- A new package for doing deferred imports.  This allows you
  to make names available at the package level without creating
  circular imports.  See zope.deferredimport and see
  zope.component.__init__ for examples of it's use.  This package
  also provides a way to deprecate names in a module.

I've tested the branch against a major Zope 3 application here
at Zope Corporation.  In doing so, I've found and fixed
lots of backward compatibility issues.  I encourage you to try
your applications with the trunk after the merge.  If you find
problems, put them in the collector and we'll fix them as soon as
we can.

You will probably get lots of deprecatuion warnings.

Enjoy. :)


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