Martijn Faassen wrote:
i18n doesn't actually work for things marked as 'structure' in a page template in both Zope 2 and Zope 3. Zope 2 does do this with PlacelessTranslationService (through some tortuous route I won't go into). I think in practice large systems such as Plone, Silva and CPS are all translating snippets with bits of HTML in there, so i18n for structure is important.

Hmm, it was working in Zope 3, moreover there is even a tests for this case in 'zope/tal/tests/'. The only possibility I've seen so far is 'evaluateStructure' call returns something different from 'TypesToTranslate' and no translation happens.

Zope 2 + Five i18n work however. Zope 3 presumably doesn't work either. I have a monkey patch lying around that fixes this in Zope 2.x and I could check the fix in directly (and fix it Zope 3.3 trunk too), if there are no objections.

Please do.

I realize we're getting close to a release and we're in feature freeze now, so this may be considered to be too large a change for this round.

I think it's a bug and should be fixed anyway.

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