Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

> sorry I thought you wanted to do something else.. maybe you want to use
> 'alsoProvides' if it is to set a marker, to avoid removing other
> interfaces that the file might provide?
> /JM

nop. that's not it... I still havn't figured it out, but it seems very
strange to me. it seems like folder-like objects work, but content-like
objects don't..

for example

folder = Folder()
interface.directlyProvides( folder, IMarker )
file = File()
interface.directlyProvides( file, IMarker )
root['folder'] = folder
root['file'] = file

would leave "folder" directly providing the "IMarker" interface, but "file"
directly providing nothing.
the other strange thing is that the interface seems to be added to the
provided-list, but then it is removed again when you look at the
introspector tab in the zmi, it's gone.


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