Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2006-5-9 07:22 -0400:

   Finally, there's a lot of interest in generating configuration
   actions in Python, rather than ZCML.  I suspect that avoiding
   XML processing, conversion, and validation might speed startup
   quite a bit.

Moreover, if the component performs is own reregistration
on reload, the Z2 refresh may be possible as well.

This sounds too complex to me.

See my response to Shane's post though.  I think a limited
reload with explicit failures could be very useful and safe.


I hear of very few problems here.

Good for you.  I've observed that when reload causes problems,
people are often unaware of it.  People have baffling errors
that eventually clear themselves up (after a restart), increasing
their awe of the ficklness of the Zope gods. ;)

Unfortunately, in the past people have often asked me for help
in debugging strange failures, wasting hours of my time.


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