Jeff Rush wrote:
Just checking if I'm missing something -- with the removal of HTTP streaming/chunking in 3.2, this means that the async bi-directional persistent socket communications associated with Ajax is NOT possible at this time? That a request/response must quickly run to completion on a thread and cannot hang on to that thread to asynchronously communicate with the client?

I've been doing this in Twisted (actually Nevow's live page API) and had hoped to migrate some code over to Zope3. Since Zope3 incorporates Twisted, I'm wondering if I can beat on it enough to be able to run my Twisted code "underneath" the existing Zope3/Publisher arrangement.

If anyone is currently doing Ajax in Zope3, I'd be interested in talking with them. I saw a brief flurry of emails some months ago about adopting one of the existing Javascript frameworks and then adjusting Zope3's API to generically work with any such framework but no further discussion since.


do you mean HTTP streaming?

I recently noticed something that makes it tricky to use zope3 in conjunction with Ajax: the request ID computed from the browser via a standard HTTP request/response pattern is different from the id obtain with XMLHttpRequest calls - which makes it rather tricky to use zope3 session id with Ajax (the same browser is seen as 2 different browsers).

maybe setting up a page on the z3 wiki that lists current "issues" with Ajax could be a good start?
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