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I got the definition from Wikipedia:

Yes; we agree on this definition of AJAX, I think.  :-)

Sorry, I was addressing what I erroneously thought was confusion over what the 'A' meant.

This is where we get a disconnect.  I've certainly never heard that
AJAX specifically requires a server thread to remain dedicated to a
particular client.

A newbie assumption on my part, that it was the only way for server -> client messages. Apparently it is just an alternate approach for some situations.

This is fundamentally unscalable, and
architecturally fragile at best.

Now that's odd, because to me having 1,000 clients repeatedly poll the server every second, and potentially tearing down/making new TCP connections is less scalable than on a modern OS keeping around 1,000 threads or twisted 'deferreds' on a persistent HTTP connection. But certainly this approach, called "Comet" is not for high-traffic mass sites.

Several of us at Zope Corp. have created AJAXian interfaces with Zope
on the server side, so I think it's safe to say Zope can do this just
fine.  The TCP connection itself, however, isn't so precious as you
indicate; the ordinary HTTP request/response model is the foundation
for AJAX services, and works just fine with Zope.

Thanks for setting me straight as I delve into Ajax, which differs from LivePage in details apparently. I'm glad to hear that Zope3 can handle it fine and will tack in a different direction for what I want to do.

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