Hi all,

Just wondering what the current status of AJAX in Zope 3 is and how best
to get started with it. I believe it would be useful to my work, but I'm
not sure where to start. I know work is going on, but not sure what is
going to be "officially" part of Zope 3 and what is just proof-of-concept.
I'll probably go with whatever is likely to become part of official Zope 3
or its extensions.

My specific interests for the moment are AJAX-enabled widgets, such as a
dropdown widget whose vocabulary changes based on the selection in a
different dropdown within the same form. I don't want to pre-cache all
possible vocabs, since there could be a quite a few large vocabs in my
application. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, but I don't want to
reload the entire page to update the widget. It is an
accounting/inventory application that requires fast data entry.

Any tips on how to get a Zope 3 sandbox into s state where I can do this
sort of thing, and any specific tips for AJAXifying widgets?


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