Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hi there,

I've filed an issue in the collector outlining a problem with old style
classes and TALES traversal:

In particular, I'm looking for comments on problem #2.

Well, following the mantra of "explicit is better than implicit" I'd rather have ZPT never call things magically, but I know that's not the problem at hand and it poses backward compat problems anyway... Too bad though.

For #2 I'd just do a check that type(C) is classobj, even though this doesn't take care of proxied old-style classes (who uses those anyway?).

BTW your comment in the patch about getattr(ob, '__call__', _marker) triggering acquisition isn't really true, as attributes starting with '_' are never looked up by an implicit acquisition wrapper (although you can still ask for them explicitely by using aq_acquire).


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