Hanno Schlichting wrote:
From reading your questions and the code Martijn posted I get the
feeling that we all have quite some use-cases we try to solve in common
which might indicate that these should be solved on the framework level.

It does feel like there are some core requirements that aren't currently met by the current framework. I think extending the i18n API so that it can at least list the available languages and the currently negotiated language would be necessary.

I have the feeling that other requirements, such as recoding missing messages that are requested and negotiating based on user attributes should be possible just by writing some new components to existing interfaces and wiring them in.

getting paid by Google to do this stuff) so far has been to re-implement
all the features of PlacelessTranslationService and PloneLanguageTool
based on Zope3 and put some of them directly into Zope3 core and provide
the rest and some more in a pure Zope3-style plone.i18n package.

Yes, well I'm sure you know how much I care about Plone ;-)

- Automatic generation of Gettext mo files from all registered po files
on server start or explicit refresh.

Yup, although surely that's just another message catalog implementation?

- if time permits implement a "tracker mode" (this is the PTS term,
Localizer has the same feature) which if turned on, collects and stores
all yet untranslated messages.

Yeah, that should still be the .missing stuff I added to PTS a few years ago.

This is the half-hearted implementation of the INegotiator, as it is
even mentioned in the interface description. Right now there are two
interfaces IUserPreferredLanguages and ILanguageAvailability of whom
only the first one is used by the Negotiator, whose responsibility it
should be to negotiate between the preferred and available languages.

That's a little disappointing :-S

Personally I'm not looking for a solution for Zope 2.9 or 2.10 as PTS
and PloneLanguageTool solve all these use-cases right now, but are hard
to extend, impossible to re-use and you know Zope2 ;)

Well, these are my key requirements as I try to get as far from Plone as possible...



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