Martijn Faassen wrote:
It'd be nice if this all just worked right away with Zope 3.3, though it's too late to be adding new features... Perhaps other people are using different patterns to make this work? Please let me know!

The more I think about it, the more attractive the idea sounds to simply make the instance's lib/python a site (by doctoring the bin/test, bin/zopectl and bin/runzope scripts to do a site.addsitedir() on it). The whole setuptools infrastructure expects eggs are installed in sites, otherwise it won't work.

Can anyone think of any negative consequences of making instance's lib/python a site? If not, I'm for sneaking in the addsitedir() bit into Zope 3.3.

This doesn't solve *everything*: running tests out of eggs (useful when installing them in development mode at least) is still too hard. It is *possible* by just pointing the test runner directly to the SVN checkout though:

bin/test --path=hurry.file/src/ --test-path=hurry.file/src/ -s hurry.file

where hurry.file is the SVN checkout. Why I have to do the --path bit I'm not sure about; in fact you'd expect that not to be needed as the test runner should be able to pick up the eggs in lib/python. I've got them installed as egg-link in this setup though using develop, so that might make it harder to find..


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