Martijn Faassen wrote:
This doesn't solve *everything*: running tests out of eggs (useful when installing them in development mode at least) is still too hard. It is *possible* by just pointing the test runner directly to the SVN checkout though:

bin/test --path=hurry.file/src/ --test-path=hurry.file/src/ -s hurry.file

where hurry.file is the SVN checkout. Why I have to do the --path bit I'm not sure about; in fact you'd expect that not to be needed as the test runner should be able to pick up the eggs in lib/python. I've got them installed as egg-link in this setup though using develop, so that might make it harder to find..

Hm, it looks to be a bit harder than that. The above command works, but only because hurry.file doesn't depend on anything else installed into lib/python.

hurry.query depends on zc.catalog however, and for some reason no matter what I try (including adding a --path=lib/python) I cannot get the tests to run.




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