Paolo Invernizzi wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:

After fiddling around quite a while yesterday to figure out how to make a release package

Can you point me to some documentation or HOWTO on this topic?

Especially this section:
 b. Zope 3.1 and higher

* Enter the `releases/` directory in your Zope 3 root. From there you can build and test the release. The directory contains all necessary files.
    * Use the following command to create the package:

               ../../zpkgtools/bin/zpkg -r Zope-3.3.0b1 -C Zope.cfg Zope

Note: you really have to use the zpkgtools from the trunk, as shown a couple of lines above.

However, as the standard configuration points to the SVN with a URL that includes the version, I was only able to build with the version label "3.3.0b1" as I otherwise would have had to create a tag in SVN. Maybe changing the configuration a bit can circumvent this for you. I didn't bother to look.


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