Currently I'm working on the issue 525 ("DateWidget ru-format"). I've already changed 'parseDatetimetz' in favor of 'self.request.locale.dates.getFormatter' for DatetimeWidget and DateWidget, but now I face some usability/backward compatibility problems.

By default display style for 'getFormatter' is set to None which means (in the most locale data files) 'medium' date/time format. The problem is that 'medium' time format doesn't accept timezone argument (in the most locale data files) so there is no way to set timezone information (it just ignored).

One possible solution is to change display style to 'long'. The drawbacks I've seen so far are:

 - the timezone information is mandatory in this case;
 - the format is much verbose than 'medium';

Maybe some more acceptable solutions exists?

In case if there is no objections about 'long' format should we also change display format to 'long' for DateDisplayWidget/DatetimeDisplayWidget?

Dmitry Vasiliev (dima at hlabs.spb.ru)
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