I wrote:
> A small but important caveat: Paste.urlmap (0.9) does not seem to like
> :port in urls at the moment, so no http://localhost:8180 for now.  Zope3
> can be listening at 8180, but you need a non-port alias for everything
> to work properly.  Of course, it is possible I have a local
> misconfiguration somewhere that makes this break.
It turns out that twisted and Paste both want to handle the :port from
the browser url, so, when they are in combination like here, you get

host, port = host.split(':', 1)[0]
exceptions.ValueError: too many values to unpack

when there is a :port involved and the procedure is repeated.  At least,
I think that is what is happening here.  The easy work-around is to put
the development instance behind pound (or apache, squid, etc.) and use
http://localhost/  urls.

I do not want to leave an impression that Paste is not working
properly.  I think this falls properly under unforeseen use.

-Jim Washington
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