On Jun 24, 2006, at 3:38 AM, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:
Concretely, what do you think about making lib/python in a Zope 3.3
instance a site for now (calling site.addsitedir())?

I think it's a bad idea, mainly because it's too late to make such a
change for 3.3. I tell you what I will do though, I'll promise, by
the end of EP, to have a buildout that lets you define Zope 3.3
instances with the eggs of your choice.

That sounds very interesting. However, zc.buildout is clearly aimed at
large deployment. A *simple* way of deploying eggs in instances would
still be needed (*I* need it, in fact);

I'm confident that zc.buildout will serve simple cases well. The zc.buildout project itself *is* an example of a simple buildout and I think it is serving itself rather well. :)

if not in Zope 3.3, then at
least later. Currently you only have to drop package directories into
INSTANCE/lib/python, something similar with eggs should also be possible.
I frequently get lost between sys.path, sys.prefix, .pth files and the
site.py module. The fact that a one line fix gets what we want seems
simple enough to me. As said, I'm not the expert here, though :)

I doubt we are going to make our release target as it is. I don't think any feature change, especially one with such far reaching ramifications is justified.

Adding a call to addsitedir won't accomplish your stated goal of dropping eggs into lib/python and having them get used. For addsitedir to have any impact, you have to also manage the .pth files. The fact that you "requently get lost between sys.path, sys.prefix, .pth files and the site.py module" is not at all surprising. There is a lot of magic there. We certainly don't want to toss any of this in at the last hour
(I wish) of a release.


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