Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Benji York wrote:
>>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>>>   o In zope.testbrowser, [snip] having the ability to select nodes
>>>> by XPATH would be incredibly useful
>>> Yep, I and others have thought the same thing.
>>>> I imagine an existing
>>>> library would be available to make this reasonably easy to implement?
>>> With ElementTree going into Python 2.5, I suspect testbrowser will grow
>>> XPath support.
>> Except that ElementTree doesn't really have XPath support nor an HTML
>> parser, AFAIK. lxml has both. (It doesn't surprise that Schooltool used
>> libxml, therefore.) I understand that you're reluctant to add any
>> dependencies to zope.testbrowser, perhaps Zope 3 will ship with lxml at
>> some point...
> Or perhaps it could be an optional dependency in the mean-time? Since
> we're only talking tests, here, it's not terrible of developers have a
> bit more choice over dependencies. For example, zope.testbrowser itself
> requires Five 1.4 to run on Zope 2. Plone runs testbrowser tests if
> they're available, and prints a warning if they are not.

Well, like the schooltool guys, you could make this an additional
extension to testbrowser that wouldn't have to be shipped with
testbrowser. zope.testbrowserdom or something like that?


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