Benji York wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:
  o In zope.testbrowser, [snip] having the ability to select nodes
 > by XPATH would be incredibly useful

Yep, I and others have thought the same thing.

I imagine an existing
library would be available to make this reasonably easy to implement?

With ElementTree going into Python 2.5, I suspect testbrowser will grow XPath support.

ElementTree does not contain XPath support. It has an expression syntax in .find() that it claims is a (small) subset of XPath, but really it isn't quite. I believe there's also a partial XPath implementation for ElementTree somewhere though, though due to limitations of ElementTree (no parent references) a full XPath implementation is not currently possible.

Still, ElementTree .find() path support would be useful.

lxml of course offers both .find() and a full-fledged XPath implementation. :)


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