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Lennart Regebro wrote:
> A small question/idea.
> When making svn:externals in Nuxeo, we always use https. That way
> trees can still be checked out anonymously, but still modified.
> in Zope, threes are checked out with svn+ssh, but externals use svn.
> That means that when you want to modify for example Five, you need to
> delete the svn checkout and do an svn+ssh checkout instead. Also, if
> you start changing things without remembering that you have to make a
> fresh checkout, you have to svn diff it and them manually merge it
> into the fresh checkout, and if you later do an "svn up", your changes
> will be moved into a dead *.OLD directory (where you can't do svn diff
> to extract your changes) and so on.
> The benefit of that is that you don't by mistake check in on a tag...
> My question is: Is there a good way of not having to check out a fresh
> copy before you do changes? If not how would people feel about
> switching to https or something instead? Especially if we merge the
> trees, in which case both Zope2 and  Zope3 will be made up mainly of
> svn:externals...

- -1.  The externals are just that, external to the Zope project.
Modifying them should require extra thought, and a little extra effort,
because the possibility exists that the change might break something
outside the Zope tree.

When we get to an egg-based Zope install, I think such a gesture would
map onto "check out the source egg and force it into the path.'

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