Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> could someone please summarize the current state of Zope 3.3? When can
>> we produced with the next releases? We are currently running "a bit"
>> late behind our original schedule :-)
> Indeed. I heard that Jim thinks a 2nd beta doesn't make sense before we
> fix all critical bugs in Zope 3.3 (see collector). While I disagree
> slightly, we indeed have a few bugs to fix before we can make a final
> release.

Actually, I just talked to Jim and he wouldn't mind a beta2, as long as
it's not a release candidate. If I find time this afternoon, I will try
to make a beta2 release (also because there were packaging problems with
beta1 and we need to deal with them at some point anyways).


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