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I agree the i18n datetime parsing should be made a bit relaxed. I even think the only important thing in this context is the order of the fields, so we can ignore spaces (or even ignore some other delimitters?) and maybe ignore other non-field characters (for example in the russian "long" format you always need to write year as "year 2006" instead of the simple "2006").

I'm very much against "relaxed" date/time format checking. I tend to give my user the exact format that is expected and fail otherwise. All the guessing in the past led to bad bad errors because the field order the user entered was syntactically compatible but had a semantically different meaning.


02/05/2005 and 02.05.2005 are two different things.

"Relaxed" doesn't mean "try to parse any possible datetime format in the world". For each locale the ICU XML files contains 4 date formats and 4 time formats. The formats mainly useful for formatting printable datetime representation and a bit strict for parsing. So there are my ideas:

- it would be useful if DateTimeFormat (hmm, maybe also NumberFormat) might to parse any format combination for the current locale (if it possible) in some "unstrict" mode;

- I think it would be safe to parse any number of space characters as one space character and ignore literal (quoted in the pattern) characters on input;

- I think it would be safe to interchange long and short month names on input (as Gary already pointed);

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