Sven Schomaker wrote at 2006-7-4 14:21 +0200:
> ...
>I just upgraded to Zope 3.2.1 and changed my setup to use a
>ZEO backend. This results in the exception below. Returning
>to the standard FileStorage backend everything works fine. 
> ...
>  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/lib/python/ZEO/", line
>999, in _update_cache
>    self._cache.invalidate(oid, version, tid)
>  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.2.1/lib/python/ZEO/", line 367, in
>    assert tid is not None and cur_tid < tid

This error has been discussed several times on "zodb-dev".
You may search for it in the archive.

Almost surely, the code should be "cur_tid <= tid" rather than
"cur_tid < tid". But there is nobody that is sure about it.

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