Christian Theune wrote at 2006-7-5 11:46 +0200:
> ...
>Another thing are the rules about unit tests. Some bugs touch areas that 
>are poorly tested. When I fix a bug over there, do I have to work harder 
>to introduce the fix because I have to start introducing tests?
>We should find and announce a reasonable answer for the procedure in 
>this case.

Although I have (so far) never fixed a bug in Zope 3 (but posted
several patches for Zope 2), I can confirm this:

   There are bugs that do not need a test once they are fixed.
   All kinds of "NameError" and "AttributeError" fall into this
   Requiring to write a unit test for these or similarly trivial
   bugs is silly -- especially if there is not yet a testing file
   for the module (such that a trivial test would suffice).

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