Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Chris Withers wrote:
TranslationDomain should still implement ILanguageAvailability and
zope.i18n.zcml.registerTranslations should register domains for that
interface as well as ITranslationDomain,

I'd prefer to create an interface extending ITranslationDomain and
ILanguageAvailability, making TranslationDomain implement that and have
it its instances also registered for that as utility.

Why? What exactly is the point of creating yet another interface?
More interfaces for more interfaces sake is bad :-(

but I agree that you may want
to register another utility, probably with no name, that gives you the
overall translation domain.

Overall translation domain?!?

Sorry, brain fart...

An unnamed ILanguageAvailability would give a utility that listed what languages the project thought were available. This could be the superset of all languages found in all domains, maybe only the languages found in all domains, maybe something else completely as Hanno described. Local or global 'cos I can imagine this being different for two sites existing in the same zope instance.



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