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Christian Theune wrote:

Marius Gedminas wrote:
I do not think that the requirements to
4. Write unit tests
5. Merge bugfixes from trunk to the release branch
6. Wait for the incredibly slow updates on the collector

discourage me all that much.

Right. They don't discourage me either, but there is a special case in
4) which I hit several times lately, where the unit tests need very
special effort.

I think that if more bug reports had a solution outlined in English, I'd
be more likely to go fix them every now and them.


I would say that there are two bugs in the case you are describing: the one you meant to fix and the one which is the lack of any tests for the
module / class / whatever.  I would bet that spending your thirty
minutes adding minimal tests to such a module is a *higher* value
activity than fixing most bugs, because it makes it easier for you (or
someone else) to fix that bug and others in that module.

Good point.

OTOH, well I'll mention the other hand in a separate post. :)


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