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Steve Alexander wrote:
> Tres wrote:
>> In Zope2 land, the module is still available, and can be used by other
>> code (which may not know of that issue).  I'm *not* in favor of shipping
>> an un-patched docutils until we work this out.  For instance, perhaps we
>> should be patching docutils to make the *default* settings disable file
>> inclusion and 'raw';  then the trusted code which wanted to render reST
>> which legitimately needed those features could enable them explicitly.
> If we do this, it is important to communicate effectively with packagers
> (like, in Linux distributions) that the Zope docutils is patched as a
> workaround to this.
> This may be a problem for distributions that promise their users to do
> bugfixes only, and are distributing a Zope that depends on the standard
> docutils in their distribution.
> (I cc-ed Martin Pitt, who is responsible for Ubuntu security updates.
> I'll fill him in on the rest of the discussion.)

Packagers would have to do the moral equivalent of forking docutils in
order to satisfy incompatible use cases:

  - Zope needs a docutils which is "safe at any speed" for TTW use.

  - Other Python applications may not need that safety, and may need
    the very features which Zope *must* disable.

So forking docutils inside Zope is *not* evil, even when considering
packaged versions, as long as the packagers know about the fork, right?


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