I need to build a versioning module for the xParrot project
(http://xparrot.thebird.nl/). I have some questions and wondered who
would be inclined to help with the architecture phase.

The idea is to save objects that implement IVersioning on a
modification event to either ZODB, or to an external version control
system like subversion. The latter would be nice as it could handle
for example diffs through Websvn (a reverse proxy may be needed to
handle access control through ZOPE). 

Using an existing version system saves a lot of code and would allow
for functionality like branching etc. On the other hand commits have
to be run on a separate thread (which I can model on the current
mailqueue implementation). Also deployment would require extra
system administrator skills.

Before I go down this route I would like to ask if anyone has a
better idea? And who would take an interest in this little project,
and doesn't mind bouncing off a few ideas?

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